With less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, I’m sure you’re all just as excited as I have been to plan that turkey day menu. As a chef, this is my Super Bowl. A no-holds-barred marathon of food preparation, consumption, and then sleep….lots and lots of sleep. But as excited as we all get for the greatest food day of the year, I know the stress and struggle faced when staring down at that guest list, the long list of ingredients, and the millions of recipes to weed through before the big day. How big of a turkey do I buy? Do I brine it or not? What IS a brine? Fried turkey or roasted? What the heck does spatchcock mean and do I do it to a turkey??

Trust me, even as a professional chef, I too worry whether everything will taste the way I want it too, while simultaneously serving all of my side dishes on time and still hot, AND giving my guests that picture perfect turkey they’ve been dreaming about since June. And don’t even get me started on those Vogue runway model turkeys that grace the cover of food magazines every November. As much as I respect those publications, they certainly don’t make it easy on the home cook who is making Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.

Have no fear! I’m here to give you a helping hand! For the next 48 hours, I will be taking your Thanksgiving Day questions! Have any turkey-related questions like I mentioned above? Ask away! Have questions about updating your old school side dishes? I have a library full of ideas for you! Can’t decide between serving pecan, apple, or pumpkin pie for dessert? I will give you tips on how to make all three if you want! Worried about stove and oven space for all of that delicious food? I’ll help you plan out your day and cooking space so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is the best food day of the year, after all! It should be fun — not chaotic. Leave your questions on my Instagram post, Facebook, or in the comment section below. I’ll gather them all up and post the answers in a few days for all to read.

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