Maine Blueberry Fizz

Remember that secret news I said I was going to share? I’m so excited to share that my family is moving from our bustling life in Boston to beautiful coast of Maine!! As of September, we will be Mainers!! It’s time to celebrate! Want to toast us with a Maine Blueberry Fizz?

Mango Margarita with Sriracha Salt

Cheeeeers to the weekend!!! If you’re like me and live in New England this will be an extra special weekend because of Marathon Monday! It’s unfortunately looking like another wet and windy one for the runners, but there will no doubt be any lack of support on the sidelines. And if you’re also like me,

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip Cookie Adult Milkshake

Congratulations! It’s Friday and I think you deserve an extra special treat to get the weekend started. This recipe was created after a bottle of salted caramel Kahlua went untouched after it was used to make my grandma’s 90th birthday cake (yes, that’s right — Grammy rocked out her 90th with a Kahlua soaked chocolate cake.

The Beauregarde

I don’t know about you, but I was SUPER bummed to hear about the passing of Gene Wilder this week. My dad was a huge fan of his, so much of my childhood was spent either watching his movies or reciting his countless (genius) one-liners. And since I can only imagine my dad and Gene are

Homemade Ginger Beer

My fun drink of choice lately has been the Moscow Mule. They are way too delicious and go down way too easily. So, naturally, I had to learn how to make my own ginger beer. If only I could make my own vodka. Maybe my next culinary challenge… Just kidding. Well, maybe not… if I