Wondering how you can optimize your culinary business? 

As a chef consultant with both culinary training and business management experience, I can advise on a wide variety of issues to improve your menus, increase customer base, maximize labor and food output, and improve compliance with health and safety codes. We’ll work to increase to your bottom line and provide the best guest experience to your customers. 

Common Projects

  • Food Ideation
  • Recipe Creation
  • Guest Experience Design
  • Operating Materials Creation
  • Culinary & Operational Assessments
  • Menu & Guest Experience Evolution
  • Sourcing & Commercialization
  • Seasonal Menu & Limited Time Offer Strategy
  • Restaurant Recipe Books
  • HACCP Plans + Health Department Compliance
  • Labor + Food Cost Analysis
  • Culinary Training

A Unique Perspective

I have worked in a wide variety of culinary settings, from bakeries and catering companies to world-class companies serving thousands daily. I have seen how different operations can shift over time with the evolution of menus and recipes, food sourcing, size of the customer base, leadership structure, etc. 

I also have firsthand experience in managing team operations, mentoring junior chefs and line cooks to increase kitchen morale, and developing and implementing health and safety codes to ensure optimal compliance with Health Department requirements.
My current passion includes recipe development and menu creation, which joins my years of hands-on culinary experience in both pastry and savory cooking with the heart of my love for this work — the creativity and art that go into creating food that is delicious, beautiful, and economical. I enjoy bringing these strengths to other culinary operations. I approach new challenges and provide guidance on the unique issues that every growing business encounters.

How Culinary Consulting Works

I will collaborate with you to assess current needs and discuss what type of feedback and recommendations would be most useful. I start by sitting down together to understand your business’s mission and guiding principles, in order to channel your particular needs into the work that I do. We will create a written proposal outlining the project(s). I will also provide a more detailed fee structure once we agree upon the scope of the consulting work. My deliverable will take the form of a written report with recommendations for implementation to improve performance.
I am local to southern and mid coast Maine, with the ability to travel to locations in southern New Hampshire, north shore of Massachusetts, and central Maine. Contact me to discuss your company’s specific interests and concerns.

Current Clients

Damask Cakes, Inc. (based on Boston’s North Shore)