We LOVE bread and pastries! And it shows in the artistry and quality of ingredients used by our bakers.

All sourdough bread is made with a natural, mature sourdough starter (originally from San Francisco). All items are made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Below you’ll find our favorite breads and pastries available for order now.* Contact The Farmstead Table now for fresh treats! And don’t forget to check back for seasonal specials.

chocolate, brioche, swirl bread, sugar, croissant, muffin, babka
Brioche Feuilletée au Chocolat  

When a flaky croissant, rich brioche, chocolatey babka, and giant muffin cross paths. $3


Country Levain

 Classic sourdough bread. $7 ($9/sliced)


Wheat Levain

Sourdough with raw wheat germ. $8 ($10/sliced)


Peanut Butter Middle Cookies

 Dark chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling. (Add specialized decoration $.50/cookie) $1.50


(The Best) Chocolate Chip Cookies

No introduction needed. (Mic drop) $1.50



Soft, Parisian-style almond cookies with buttercream filling. (Please include desired flavors in order request).  $2.00 apiece


Sugar Cookies

Sometimes nothing beats a perfect, buttery, sugary, soft sugar cookie. With frosting, of course. (Please include shape/design in order request). $1.50



Brioche bread swirled with rich dark chocolate. $8

*All breads and pastries are sold individually. Please allow at least 72 hours for all sourdough bread orders, and 48 hours for all pastry orders.